Breaking news: Montreal patios are reopening.
Well folks, summer 2021 is lookin’ up. Pinch yourself if you have to, but we promise you’re not dreaming. If you live under a rock or just haven’t heard the news, patios have been given the go ahead to re-open. This means you can head outside and spend some time on a patio today!

As if that wasn’t good enough, Quebec is also headed to the orange zone. Not quite sure what that means? In this phase, we get to lift many of the restrictions that have held us back from doing the things we love over the past couple of months. No more curfew, gyms are reopening, and the best of all: indoor dining is also set to make its comeback.

With this prospective timeline in place, it’s estimated that even more restrictions will be lifted as time goes by as long as people continue getting vaccinated, according to premier François Legault. If all goes according to plan, we could see changes as big as lifting mask regulations by the end of August- but before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s celebrate the victory of patio szn being restored just in time!

After months of uncertainty, this feels like a big step towards normalcy. No more eating our food out of styrofoam boxes, or partaking in cocktail hour within the confinements of our homes. It’s time to put on our best baseball hats & shades to lounge on a patio, soak up the sun, and get served our favourite drinks and dishes. Local businesses need our help now more than ever, so let’s get out there and support ‘em!

**With this great news, it’s important now more than ever to show our restaurant workers with patience and respect. Keep in mind that they’re doing everything in their power to ensure a great dining experience for us!
May 30, 2021