Brunette is helping the CRWC provide basic benefits to restaurant workers.
At Brunette, we value and admire the entrepreneurs that have established these world class independent restaurant brands, but we equally appreciate the often overlooked workers that bring the dining experience to life day-in-day out.

We believe restaurant workers; servers, bussers, and kitchen staff alike deserve more recognition & support for what they do. Many Canadian restaurant workers don’t have the security that is provided with most jobs in our country, and after partnering with the MRWRF in the past & seeing what amazing things they’ve done for these incredibly hard workers, we wanted to find a way to take further action in supporting them during these hard times.

With that, we’re elated to announce our new partnership with the Canadian Restaurant Worker Coalition. The CRWC is a grassroots organization that works to provide stability for restaurant workers across Canada by petitioning the government to oblige in providing basic benefits to them – benefits that we believe every hard working Canadian should have access to.

Beginning May 1st, 2021, in collaboration with the Canadian Restaurant Workers Coalition, Brunette will be donating the equivalent of 5% of every order placed on our website to the CRWC. Additionally, we will be providing customers with the option of donating an amount of their choice towards the effort at checkout.

Brunette was largely inspired to give back in this fashion by the Ford Foundation, one of the world’s largest philanthropic organizations. They recently announced a $1 Billion fund that specifically gives financial support to nonprofits for administrative costs. As the CEO of the Ford Foundation puts it: ‘all of the unexciting parts of a nonprofit have to be paid for. From computers, to office space to hiring employees. It is both arrogant and ignorant to believe that you can give money to an organization for your initiative and not be concerned about the infrastructure that makes your project possible’.

More often than not, there are overlooked costs that go into sustaining a non-profit, and so the funds raised in May will go towards the CRWC’s basic administrative expenses. Our donations will ultimately provide some sort of relief to the internal financial responsibilities of the CRWC so that they can focus more intently on building a strong foundation and continue to outwardly support the community for a long time coming.

We couldn’t be more excited about this partnership, and we can’t wait to see the amazing things the CRWC will do, and continues to do, for our beloved restaurant workers.

For more information on the CRWC and their mission please visit their official website here:
May 01, 2021