Brunette wants you to support restaurant workers with art.

Montréal, Québec - July 1, 2020

While an increasing amount of restaurants are reopening after having been closed or partially open for takeouts to the adapt harsh economic reality of COVID-19, Restaurants Canada recently revealed that most restaurants are now operating at a loss, struggling to maintain enough cash flow to stay afloat. Independent restaurants are fighting for their lives and will need support just to get through the next few months, as will the employees of permanently shuttered businesses. 

Brunette, an online retailer of Canadian restaurant products, wants to help preserve the local food businesses that are an essential part of the social and cultural fabric of cities all over the country. Since March, over $25,000 in support for restaurants and their workers has been raised. Thanks to the “Pay Now, Eat Later” initiative, thousands in gift cards sold on the Brunette website were given back to local Montreal favourites like Mon Lapin, Nora Gray, Elena, and Beba. Brunette has also provided an online platform connecting restaurant owners making a difference via the Montreal Restaurant Workers Relief Fund, aiming to provide emergency economic relief to restaurant employees who are facing economic hardship due to COVID-19. With the generosity of Chuck Hugues, Arthurs Nosh Bar, Bar Loïc, Maison Publique, Vins Nomad, and many more, further funds were raised to offer urgent financial aid and resources to employees in the industry affected by the pandemic.

In June, Brunette is partnering with Montreal artist “Out of the” and InPrint, a local screenprinting and embroidery company, on a new way to support the Montreal Restaurant Workers Relief Fund with art. Claudie Lamarre from “Out of the” donated an illustration titled “Brunch”. Through Lamarre’s light and pure approach to art around the themes of surfing and traveling, she still wishes to confront the observer on modern issues such as sexuality, feminism, environment, and more. “It’s very inspiring to work with artists who care so deeply about the importance of local restaurants, that they are willing to donate their creative work to the cause,” said Dave Rose, co-founder of Brunette. “Artists and restaurants have always been a natural pairing, not only because artists love fun, creative food, but because art and food make up a big chunk of a city’s cultural identity,” added Brandon Harrar, co-founder. 

All proceeds from the sales of the print on Brunette will go to the relief fund. Make a difference by purchasing remaining gift cards, tote bags and apparel on or by visiting the MRWRF GoFundMe page.
July 01, 2020