Welcome, Cafe Gentile + Gentile Pizza Parlour!
In 1954, Montreal was granted one of its greatest gifts.

A young Sicilian man named Ignazio Gentile decided to move across the world to start fresh and create a new life for his family in Montreal. Not long after his arrival, in 1959, he opened up his own cafe to share the special authentic Italian recipes belonging to his Nonna with the community. As time passed, it would become a staple within the city & grow into something bigger than Ignazio could have ever imagined. It all started with what you could call a no-frills location in the garment district.

Proudly modest & unpretentious, the food at Cafe Gentile consisted of mouthwatering sandwiches, pasta, soups, and salads. There were some fun retro arcade games and posters of local clothing brands scattered around the place creating a welcoming and comfortable environment that set itself apart from the other restaurants. It was a great place to unwind and grab an affordable bite to eat for lunch, so it didn’t take long for the word to get out about this unique establishment. Soon enough business was booming- Gentile was so great that they attracted a good amount of the local garment industry workers to make daily visits. From then and on, you couldn’t visit Gentile without expecting a cheerful and boisterous crowd. There’s nothing like seeing a group of grown men coming together to eat lunch & play foosball – it creates an indescribable sense of community.

As years passed and the newer generations of the family took the reins, it was unanimously decided that their loyal customers of multiple decades would appreciate a new location whilst maintaining the spot that everybody already knew and loved. Thus, the Westmount location was born in 2016. This time, the atmosphere would have a modern approach that corresponds to today's trends – a total contrast to the original location. As we all could have expected, it ended up being a smash hit and certainly lived up to its predecessors' reputation. A fun & energetic crowd, honest-to-goodness staff, a cool aesthetic, and delicious food & coffee. Their success continued to grow so much so that this time around, they even stayed open for dinner.

As the saying goes, good things come in threes – and the Gentile family can attest to that. In 2020 they hit us with the trifecta and opened up Gentile Pizza Parlour. It didn’t come without a few hiccups (thanks, COVID!) but that didn’t stop them from working their magic. This time around, they channeled the aesthetics from both of their other beloved locations. The branding & decor has a retro-modern twist, and they included some nostalgic arcade games as an ode to the first Cafe Gentile. The most important part, however, is the pizza. Even after all of these years, the Gentile family hasn’t disappointed in giving Montreal a taste of some authentic Italian flavour.

There’s no doubt that the Gentiles family has the ability to make everybody feel welcome and comfortable, and that it plays a large part in their success- the loyalty of their customers is reflective of that. Every one of us at Brunette are big fans of the Montreal landmark, which is why we’re thrilled to announce our partnership with them and can only hope that we’ve even slightly captured exactly what incredible values they have.

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Click here to shop the Gentile Pizza Parlour collection.
April 30, 2021