Joe Beef: Surviving the Apocalypse: Another Cookbook of Sorts

Brand: Joe Beef

English version // A new cookbook for these apocalyptic times from culinary adventurists and proprietors of Montreal's JOE BEEF--one of the world's most celebrated restaurants. No one knows if, in fact, the end of the world is coming. But Meredith, David, and Fred believe readers must embrace the great food that is available to us before it happens--if it should happen--and know how to scavenge, salvage, and survive it as a culinarian in the possible aftermath. And so they've given us nearly 150 brand new recipes (nearly all illustrated with photographs), including one for soap. (Yes, soap.) But let's get back to the food which is, as always, spectacular. Here are recipes for Smoked Meat Croquettes and Muffuleta à la Française (a gloriously stuffed loaf pâté, ham, Gruyère, foie gras, and onion jam), for fancy pre-apocalypse Sunday dinners. A chapter is devoted to preserved foods for the cellar (or the bunker), from Hardtack (a.k.a. Prison Bread) and Pickled Eggs to Bag Potatoes and Beef Jerky. They show us how to survive gluten-free with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Twist and homemade PowerBars. From the exquisite Mousse au Chocolat with Prâlines Roses to the survalist Moose Stew, the Joe Beef team push the limits of cuisine with inventive food for the kitchen--and that fall-out shelter.