Our story

You are what you eat

We’re driven by the belief that you can support local, without having to sacrifice on price or convenience.

Our mission

At Brunette, our mission is to enable entirely new connections between world class independent restaurants, and foster lasting relationships with food lovers from around the globe.

We went global to support local.

Brunette was founded by food lovers and independent restaurant veterans.

As industry veterans ourselves, we saw firsthand the barriers faced by independent restaurants to build a successful brand. As foodies we felt the unsatisfied need to stay connected with these brands and their authentic local stories.

Brunette works tirelessly hand in hand with restaurants to develop an online marketplace that solves the challenges for both world class restaurants, and the foodies that seek them out.

A nirvana for foodies.

Brunette is a first of its kind online marketplace that connects foodies with merchandise from a carefully curated group of independent restaurateurs and tastemakers from across Canada. Our one-stop-shop serves up a uniquely wide ranging selection of fine food and exclusive merchandise and delivers it right to your home.

Highlighting the human story.

What interests us just as much as the food and fashion from our brands, is the story behind them. The personalities, the entrepreneurs, the creatives that brought these unique experiences to life.

Brunette puts the spotlight on our restaurant partners' unique story, and shines a light on their journey introducing not only the restaurant, but the raw human story behind the brand...