Maison Publique Bomba Sauce

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The Maison Publique sauces all have one thing in common: zero compromise on ingredient quality and freshness. They were inspired by the menu at the British-style Montreal restaurant of the same name, run by chef Derek Dammann and opened in 2012 with Jamie Oliver’s backing. Derek wanted to create a range of sauces to honour the level of culinary skill featured at Maison Publique, ranked amongst Canada’s TOP 15 restaurants in 2017. The Bomba sauce was born out of a staff meal specially improvised for Derek’s team. The chef whipped up a recipe to add a little kick to chicken wings, and the sauce was such a hit that it was added to the menu and became a signature hot sauce.

Ingredients: fresh jalapeños, fresh serrano-cubanel, pickled peperoncini, chili flakes, red wine vinegar, olive oil, fresh red onion, fresh red pepper, fresh green onion, kosher salt, spices, xathan gum.